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Lions Club Of Melbourne Ausina Change Over NIght 24-25

Lions History

Origins and spread from the USA to Australia

The Lions are men and women dedicated to serving those in need, whether in their own community or halfway around the world. In addition to humanitarian service, they enjoy fellowship and develop leadership skills.


Lions began in the United States in 1917 when a group of independent clubs responded to an idea presented to them by a young Chicago insurance agent, Melvin Jones. He believed that local business clubs should expand their horizons from purely professional concerns to the betterment of their communities and the world at large.

This was heralded as a departure from the trend current at that time of forming clubs basically with a commercial motive --Jones' own group was the Business Circle of Chicago. An organisational meeting was held at a local hotel on June 7, 1917, and from this meeting the organisation was born.

The association became "international" with the formation of the Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Lions Club in 1920. From that time on clubs were formed worldwide.

About Ausina Lions Club:

Melbourne Ausina Lions Club, established in 2018, is a young and energetic Lions club. We are an Australian-based service team comprised of young elites, industry leaders, and professionals from various fields in Melbourne.

Ausina Lions Club is dedicated to serving the Australian Chinese community, with a focus on the welfare and growth of women and children.


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