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Graduate Program

Your Career Begins with Asia Media

Find out what it’s like to work at Asia Media. We are looking for talented and ambitious students to join our internship programs in Melbourne, Sydney, and Launceston.

The Internship Program

Our internship program is the first step for students seeking graduate positions.

Discover what you excel at under guidance from seasoned professionals.

Experience & Responsibility

We give you the opportunity to shine in a supportive and collaborative team, led by accessible and friendly managers or creative executives. Gain real-world experience through challenging and meaningful work in our event and entertainment projects.

Training & Development

The training you receive throughout the internship period will ensure you are thoroughly prepared and ready to get involved in and contribute to the creative industry straight away.

Rotations & Feedback

During the program, you will rotate through projects based on your preferences. You will receive regular feedback and advice from your coordinator, supervising manager, and other peels you work with, plus a formal review at the end of each internship.

The Graduate Program

Our graduate program is the next step in your career at Asia Media.

We carefully select our new teammates with the intention that they will become our graduate new staff. 

You will be mentored and supported at every stage of your career development. This will enable you to develop both your technical event and marketing management skills and business acumen on a diverse range of complex and interesting projects. 

Our orientation program is designed to ensure you will be ready to settle into your project teams straight away. 

You will be allocated a coordinator or executive to help you navigate your graduate year. You will rotate through different teams, giving you the opportunity to explore different areas and help find the right match for you.

Want to Know More? Get in Touch

Please keep an eye on our graduate program and internship program post !

Furthermore, you could prepare your CV and express your interest to us!

To apply for the program, please contact our People & Culture Advisor

Eva L 

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