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AFW Design Award 2024

Asian Fashion Design Awards 2024 registration channel is open. We are call for applications now!. Get ready to experience the glamour of an upcoming Asian Fashion Week event that promises to showcase the best of Asian couture and style.

The Asia Fashion Design Award, funded by the Creative Asia Foundation, and hosted and supported by the Asian Fashion Week, aims to recognise and honour outstanding contributions to the fashion industry, particularly emphasising creativity, innovation, and sustainable practices. This prestigious award targets the brightest new talents across Asia, spotlighting the diverse and dynamic nature of Asian fashion and encouraging a future where design harmonises with sustainability.


The winners will receive VIP tickets to the Asian Fashion Talk & Art Conference in Brisbane and showcase their unique design works for free in the new designer fashion show. At the same time, the Asian Fashion Talk & Art Conference will present awards to the individual award winners on site.


We warmly welcome all artists and designers to submit portfolios for participation. Your portfolio should include at least six complete fashion design pieces, including clothing, accessories, and other types of fashion works. We encourage contestants to make innovative designs for women's wear, men's wear, children's wear and mixed applications, as well as cutting-edge technologies such as AI image design. All works must be visually presented through model display or AI technology.

Award Settings:

Best Design Award (Gold, Silver and Bronze Award)

Most Creative Award (Gold, Silver and Bronze Award)

Most Sustainable Design Award (Gold, Silver and Bronze Award)

AI Image Creative Design Award (Gold, Silver and Bronze Award)

Fashion Art Single Item Design Award (Gold, Silver and Bronze Award)

Portfolio Submission Requirements:

1) Resume and personal cover letter in English

2) Introduction of your design collection

3) Digital portfolio (such as creative mood boards, design sketches, and final designs)

The judging panel will evaluate designers based on creativity, innovation, craftsmanship, uniqueness, and sustainability elements. All portfolios will be reviewed by each member of the judging panel for feedback.

Application Open:

15 April 2024

Submission Deadline: 

30 August 2024

Award Announcement:

10 September 2024

Award Ceremony:

05 October 2024 in Brisbane

All materials must be sent before 30 August 2024 to:

For more information, please follow our official social media accounts or visit the official website of Asia International Fashion Week:

Join us to foster innovation and sustainable development in the Asian fashion industry, show your talent and creativity, and celebrate fashion events with the world!


Contact us to explore exciting opportunities and discuss your involvement in this event.

Click here to join the event, find out the schedule or key information, book tickets
with us. 

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