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Art Harmony in Melbourne Project

The Art Harmony in Melbourne Project  is a vital initiative among 13 projects aimed at supporting the wellbeing of international students living in Victoria, as part of the State Government’s Study Melbourne Inclusion Program. This unique program is designed to aid international students in forging stronger connections within the Victorian community, emphasising mental health, resilience, community engagement, and cultural competency.

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Explore the vibrant and diverse programs of the Art Harmony in Melbourne (AHM) schedule. From hands-on workshops that ignite your creativity, to immersive educational journeys, there's something for every art enthusiast.

Delve into the "Cross-Cultural Canvases: Fusion in Art" to experience the fusion of Asian and Australian art, or join "Masterful Insights" for guided tours in NGV and Geelong Gallery.

Experiment with "Mixed Media Ventures" for a taste of multimedia art, collaborate on a "Graffiti Magic" project, or express yourself in "A Hands-On Workshop with Sculpture."

Our program is designed to inspire, educate, and connect, offering a unique artistic journey for international students.


Contact us to explore exciting opportunities and discuss your involvement in this event.

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